A successful career in performing arts and ac ting requires equal parts talent and practice with a right guidance. Connect with Bangalore Theatre Company and find out if drama and theatre arts is for you.


Learn the skills one must develop to succeed in this extremely high competitive field, and a learn the steps to consider in pursuit of an acting career with the help of The Bangalore Theatre Company.


Experience theatre with us at Bangalore Theatre company by joining us in our upcoming Live programs and events. Come to enjoy ethereality in our immersive theatre shows.

Welcome To Bangalore Theatre

Theatre! An illusionary world which provides wholesome experience of life.

Experience theatre with us at Bangalore Theatre company by joining us in our upcoming Live programs and events. Come to enjoy ethereality in our immersive theatre shows.

Bangalore Theatre Company, is an extension of Red Theatre Group which has a team of young enthusiastic theatre professionals trained in different gradation of theatre. RED(Read Edit and Define) Theatre is a 6 year old group. The stage also has a shove portion that ushers the fun and excitement right into the audience. Bangalore theatre has state-of-the-art resonate and light systems.The group has performed many plays and some of the most popular plays have been Revolution 2020, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and many more.

A well-honed founding story of bangalore theatre can help you get connected with the company.

Arjun Kabbina

Mr. Arjun Kabbina, founder of Bangalore theatre company is a theatre and film professional. Having done his MA in Theatre from the Bangalore University and Diploma in Theatre from Rangayana, Mysore, he has over 10 years of experience in this domain. From the small company Arjun Kabbina founded to present repertory seasons of the Bengaluru’s best plays happening at the the Bangalore theatre company , which is growing rapidly to become a major India’s arts company, a Bangalore art institution and the model for all the State theatre companies that followed. Under the production banner of his very own theatre group, Red Theatre Group, he has directed major productions, which have been staged across India. Arjun has also conducted workshops in many leading corporates like Infosys, Wipro and Shell.

As a facilitator of Theatre, Arjun Kabbina has worked in a collaboration with Christ University, Bangalore in Performing Arts Department and has also facilitated workshops in AzimPremji University and Symboisis University. Currently, he is heading and mentoring young artists at The DeensAcademy, a leading CBSE school in Bangalore and conducts workshops across the state.

Chaitra Sv

The Artist of passion, as she would like to call herself. Art has always been her biggest passion and she did followed it. Studied ARTS in Mount Carmel, started theatre while studying and eventually co-founded ENACT and conducted theatre workshops for children and composed several stage shows and short videos.

At present she is working at The Deens Academy as a facilitator in Theatre In Education.Certified in Theatre Arts from IGNOU, New Delhi. She strongly believes in focusing on what you want. According to her, If you want to be an artist, then focus on enhancing the tools you need to become one, rather than spend time on other pursuits that don’t fulfill you. The path is not easy, but there are steps you can take to make it easier to navigate.

Our programs

Programs Bangalore theatre Offers

Theatre professionals

Theatre Professionals program in an ambitious plan will unveil what they deem to excel in acting and theatre skills, which brings faculty members trained to train you, together with masters from the immense and extraordinary traditions of Indian theatre. Theatre professionals program, helps kids to take command in any situation and to defeat a fear of public speaking and help them to have confidence and to learn from their mistakes through practice and make decisions.

Outstanding merits

  •  building confidence
  •  realising the importance of articulation, projection and voice variation
  •  learning valuable theatre skills to develop as theatre professionals and grow as an ensemble while having fun
  •  boosting thinking skills, creativity and imagination
  •  enhancing collaborative working skills
  •  understanding improvisation and characterization.

Being Facilitator

Being facilitator is a one year weekend Teacher training in Theatre. As a teacher it is important to facilitate students in exploring their creativity and improving interpersonal skills through various activities, games and production. Theatre is not just about acting out stories, it’s more of improving life skills and academic performance. This course is specialised for those who are passionate about making a difference in classroom.

  •   Theatre in education
  •   Life skills through theatre
  •   Children psychology & Theatre skills
  •   Practical and demo classes
  •   Handling productions
  •   Play designing and execution

Performing Arts classes

One’s personality gets moulded in their early childhood.... so it becomes very important to impart right education to the children. Education doesn’t really get limited to the schools.... for the real education is what they receive from their real life experiences. Thus exposing children to art not merely teaches them creativity and stuff but also the “lessons of life”.

On realising this factor... Bangalore Theatre Company aims at moulding better personality for children through performing arts.

How does it benefit?

  •  Problem solving abilities
  •  Build self confidence
  •  Social emotional development
  •  Help improve communication skills, concentration and memory
  •  A medium for self expression
  •  Empathy and compassion

Corporate workshops and production

In this era of self-directed and elearning, we believe there is still a necessity for the human factor in learning. The opportunity to learn in a open and secure environment and practice skills with others. Whether you want to use it to explore themes such as Leadership, Influence and Personal Presence, Customer Service, Dealing with Complicated and rigid People, Presentation Skills, or other management issues, training with drama can be very effective by helping people to experience new ways of reasoning and behaving.

Benefits of Theatre professional program can include:

  •  Enhanced leadership capabilities
  •  Improved creativity
  •  Developing teamwork capabilities
  •  Personal development and self-belief
  •  Increased level of confidence
  •  Understand the importance of prior preparation
  •  Develop a deeper sense of presence

Bangalore Theatre

  • Four C's of life skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaborative thinking
  • Communication

Self evaluation - If you let your child deal with and solve their own problems while they are blooming, their brain will develop the circuits that are required for resilience and will be able to take their own right decisions.

Public speaking- Having skills and confidence for public speaking is vital for kids to have. It permits kids to form connections, influence decisions, and inspire change in turn help in boosting their self confidence.

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